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When I had kids of my own, I discovered what you probably already know - that finding unique, affordable, non-cheesy kids’ tees (especially of the personalized variety) can sometimes be challenging, to say the least. And when I went looking for a gift for a birthday or a mom-to-be, everything just looked the same. I was bored and longed for something unique, so I decided to change that.

I put a hard-earned design degree and a life-long passion for drawing and art (that my mom says started around age 2) to work and started designing a line of kids’ tees, onesies and blankets. My goal has always been to provide original, personalized items I’d be proud for my own kids to wear and you’d be proud to give to the coolest little people in your life. We’ve since expanded to include personalized dolls and pillowcases, with more ideas in the works - because we just can’t stop!

Clever design with a little bit of humor mixed in is the goal of each design (hello, can you picture a shark with BRACES?) - all DixieBelle originals are drawn up with love, from scratch in our studio. And since we all know how important quality is, I have sought out the softest, most well-made goods I could get my hands on. I promise, you will be impressed with the quality of our products!


Speaking of Happy  Mommas, I’ve got you covered too. We are super excited about our new line of ladies’ tees that feature my handwriting and calligraphy work. There’s just nothing that beats a cool, comfy tee and a favorite pair of jeans - shoes optional. Unless you’ve got cowgirl boots, of course. (I’m sort of partial to boots since I’m from Texas, y’all. But we don’t sell boots…SO back to the tees, which will look amazing with your boots…)

Are you really still reading this? Click on over to our shop to check out all the fun!


Meet Dixie
dixie.jpgDixie was the sweet golden retriever for whom my business is named. She came to our family just as I was graduating from high school. Though she was the family dog, she really belonged to me. And she somehow seemed to know it. I used to paint my pots out on our front porch, and she would always hang out there next to me, keeping me company. When I moved away, she stayed at my parents’ house where she had a big yard to run around in. She would always get so excited when I came home to visit. That’s the great thing about dogs - they always forgive you even if you‘ve stayed away too long! Dixie lived a long happy life until we lost her the summer of 2009. She will always hold a special place in my heart!



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