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Crochet Beaded Necklace Tutorial


My mom's birthday was this past week, and I wanted to give her something special. I couldn't think of anything to buy, so I decided to make her gift. I didn't have much time, so I immediately thought about making her a necklace. Now, I am not a jewelry maker. At all. But I do love to crochet! I have made these necklaces in the past, and have always gotten lots of compliments. The best part? It's WAY easier than it looks and goes MUCH faster than you would think. I'm guessing it took me a total of about 2 hrs. or so start to finish - all while holding a baby and feeding her at the same time! You only need the most basic crochet skills (and pretty good vision - it's tiny work!). If you can make a chain stitch (and you can!), you will have no problem making this. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby (if there is such a thing), and I had all of my supplies.


Here's what you'll need:

Cotton crochet thread - I used size 20, but the size is not critical as long as it fits through your beads

Small crochet hook - I used a US C2/2.75mm. Again, you can use a little larger or smaller size if you prefer, but note that it will change the size of your stitches. I worked my stitches more loosely.

Assorted beads - I found mine in a pre-mixed package, but you can make them all uniform, mix and match your own, add charms, etc.

Beading needle - trust me, this will make the stringing process much easier!

Jump rings and a toggle clasp (optional)

Step 1: String all of your beads onto the cord using a beading needle. You can arrange them in a pattern if you want, or more randomly like mine.

Step 2: Follow the normal steps for beginning a crochet chain, leaving a tail at the beginning. Make several stitches, then slide a bead up and catch it in your next stitch. Continue this process, alternating with a few stitches and adding beads until the necklace is the desired length. Finish off with several empty stitches, and leave a tail at the end. It will seem ridiculously long - mine was 90+ inches when I ran out of beads.

Step 3: Tie the two ends together securely. Now, you have a couple of options here. You can just wear the necklace as is by looping it around your neck several times. I've found that it can be quite tangly, so I looped the necklace together to make the layers then attached a closure using jump rings and a toggle clasp to make it easier to manage.

I was excited about how it turned out. I love that every time I make one of these it is different from the last one. It is one of a kind - for a one of a kind mom. :)



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