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Mini Birdseed Wreath Tutorial



Mother's Day is in just a few days, and this year I decided to make little gifts for all the moms on our block. After all, they've all watched my kids at some point... It takes, a village, ya know? These are simple to make, but it does take a little planning ahead. You don't want to try to start these on Saturday night.

I followed This Moment is Good's recipe and tutorial for the birdseed mixture, and it worked really well for me. I used this mini bundt mold for the wreaths. The silicone makes it really easy to pop them out once they set up. I let them sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes before removing them from the mold, then I let them dry out on the counter for about 48 hours. You don't want to rush this part, or they could fall apart on you. Be patient! (Just like mom ;) Once they're all dried out, you are ready for the fun part!

What You'll Need:

tulle (or ribbon - you don't want to use rope or wipe because it will cut through the wreath)
hot glue gun
bird seed wreaths (see tutorial)
artificial flowers


Cut the tulle into 36" lengths. Cut a piece of cardboard about 9" long (taller if you want a bigger loop to hang from). Tie the tulle in a bow around the cardboard, trim the ends of the tulle, and slide off.


Insert the loop end of the tulle through the BACK of the wreath.


Pull the loop all the way through the hole so the bow end is near the back of the wreath. Take the loop up and over the top of the wreath, thread it back through under the bow, and (gently!) pull to snug everything up.


You should end up with the hanging loop caught under the bow facing the front on the top of the wreath.


Finally, hot glue your flowers on top of the knot in the bow to finish it off. I clustered 2 hydrangea blooms on each of mine, but you can use any flower you'd like. Done! They are ready to give away. Happy birds + happy mommas = Mother's Day success!


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