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Easy Last Minute Teacher Gifts



If you're like me, the end of the school year sneaks up on you. And it gets CRAZY busy...or maybe it's just me that gets crazy... This week I needed teacher gifts QUICK. But still I wasn't willing to just phone it in with a candle or something I picked up in a hurry at Target.


Then I came across these super cute cups - $1.99 each. WINNER. I filled them with tropical starburst and jelly beans. The jelly beans help to fill in the gaps between the wrapped candy. I only used the white, red, orange, yellow, and pink jelly beans so the colors would match. Then I ate ALL the black ones, because I am the only weirdo on the planet that actually likes black jelly beans.


Here's a little trick for filling the treat bags - Start out filling just the bottom of the bag with a little bit of the candy, then drop it in the glass and finish filling it to the top. If you try to fill the bags up first, you'll have a really hard time getting it back down into the cup. Give it a shake to get everything to settle. Then close the top with a twist tie and finish off with a tulle bow.


I made cardstock tags and hot glued the gift card envelope directly to the card. Then, to make it a little more personal, I added my kids' favorite happy hour drinks. Tie it on with the twine and DONE. Super quick, super easy, and at less than $10 each, super easy on the wallet.

Have fun, and HAPPY SUMMER!


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